About Us

World Live Music was founded in 2009 by Sean Guerrier De’Bey & Mianah Elizabeth the company’s Headquarters is located in Walnut CA, WLM is the place where real talented musicians, Producers & Songwriters find themselves being developed and branded to compete with the global market of music and entertainment.

We are a fully functional Record Company with the ability to Promote, Publicize and Market new artist to the industry, not to mention our recent merge with Reug Vision,Inc which handles our music video content for our artist to major broadcasting networks.

We look to become a brand you can remember 20 years from now and would like our customers to  say I remember that album such a classic, so we are grateful from all the support we have received from our listeners over the past 4 years we promise to deliver the best in music & entertainment.

Your President & Co- Founders

Sean Guerrier De’Bey Esq & Mianah Elizabeth